zabbix http/s checks from yaml dict

Posted on Sun 11 April 2021 in devops • Tagged with ansible, zabbix, gitlab, monitoring


to maintain the principle of configuration-as-code this tools helps to bulk create and update http/s checks from your zabbix server

imagine you need to monitor many different http/s microservice endpoints
you can create them using the zabbix gui, or note them down in a simple yaml dict. this automation uses ansible to utilize the zabbix api to create zabbix http/s checks with graphs and alert trigger

    - check_url:              ""
    - check_url:              ""
      check_searchstring:     "Results for: token"
    - check_url:              ""
      check_timeout:          "10s"
    - check_url:              ""
      check_returncode:       "200,206"
    - check_url:              ""


the sources, documentation and examples are located here